3 Reasons To Take Local Search Seriously

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3 Reasons To Take Local Search Seriously

4 Reasons To Take Local Search Seriously

Are you running a local business in any part of the world where internet is available? If the answer is yes then you just can’t afford to ignore the importance of search engines and the possibilities it can bring to your business.

But how?

Since Google’s algorithmic update ‘Pigeon’ has been released back in 2014, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has gained huge importance which has lead to entrepreneurs work on local search strategy or hire SEO experts to bring their website in front of local target audience. Local SEO is the need of the time which should be taken with utmost importance make your website visible to the potential customers.

Why local SEO matters?

Local SEO is a form of SEO where all efforts are pinpointed at optimizing your site to make it visible to local audience who are using search terms with local intent. The reason to take it seriously are as follows:

Google Is Crazy About Local Businesses

Google is fond of new, smaller, startups and local businesses. Google’s tools like webmaster and analytics has been free from long time to make sure even the new entrepreneur with lowest marketing budget can get benefit of it. The release of ‘Pigeon’ is just further extension of that love of Google for local business.

Google now-a-days is also encouraging local businesses through their local representatives to go online. Along with helping the local businesses, Google is also making sure that they become an important of their marketing strategy right from the beginning.

Users Get Great Search Experience

More the local businesses gets listed with Google My Business and Bing Places, the search engines are able to serve searchers with more accurate results. It also helps search engines to provide more options for all types of products and services available in locality of searchers.

Local pack results, which appears at the top of the search results, gives more info on the search result itself along with phone number, address and option to check it on map. Appearing on the local pack is like taking away the pie with no penny spent. So having a online presence with right local info is vital for local business to attract customers.

The Growth of Mobile and Wearable Devices

The world is going mobile! Google has already made it mandatory to have a mobile version of website in 2015 with it’s Mobilegeddon update. This is enough to tell that Google is damn serious about providing great results to the people performing search on-the-go.

Giving importance to mobile results and great local results goes hand in hand. So to make sure that your business benefits from the potential customers who are already on road and looking for what you have to offer, start considering local SEO as the magic potion your business needs.

So if you are business who badly wants to get in touch with potential customers in their locality, hire an SEO agency today! Not just any but the one with proven track record.

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