5 PPC Trends That You Cant Ignore In 2017

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5 PPC Trends That You Cant Ignore In 2017

PPC Trends In 2017

The world of online advertising is ever changing. You can see new changes taking place every now and then in the way online advertising is done. Online advertisers always need to keep themselves on the edge with the minutest update in major online search tools like Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Though 2016 was a pretty exciting year for PPC, agencies and digital marketers needs to keep themselves focused on the below trends while entering 2017.

Big Data On Small Moments

Conversion tracks are becoming complex as a result of availability of huge set of information on products and services which is consumed by consumers before conversion. The micro moments are becoming major data to influence the consumer to make the buying journey shorter.

The real challenge is to effectively take data from all kind of marketing channels and turn it into insight-driven holistic approach towards whole digital marketing strategy.

Leap of Shopping Campaigns

As we have already seen how Google has added new features to it’s shopping campaign, which is quite appreciated by consumers, will continue to grow popular among marketers. The shopping campaign adds information such as price, rating, twitter followers and nearby product availability.

Video Ads

Multimedia always create greater impression than text or just audio form of advertisement. As video creation is getting cheaper with the passing days, Youtube has made it lot easier for marketers to create video ads for their clients. The integration option provided by Google for video campaign and ads improves the conversion of PPC ads.

Mobile Marketing

The traffic generated by mobile devices has already surpassed the desktop traffic in many parts of the world. This trend is not going to end anytime sooner. While allocating PPC budget, make sure you keep mobile marketing in your mind and reserve good chunk for it.

Native Advertising

Native advertising or sponsored content is something in which the real advertising is camouflaged under an informative article. The branding of product or service looks like as part of the article and which is subconsciously marketed to the readers. Native ads may not give quick conversion, but in long run it definitely creates a lasting impression. The effect will not only be on sales but also on branding of your products/services.

2017 will definitely going to be an exciting year for PPC advertisers and this prediction can stated confidently on the basis of positive developments which took place in 2016.

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