All You Want To Know About Mobile First Index Update

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All You Want To Know About Mobile First Index Update

All You Want To Know About Mobile First Index Update

April 21st , 2015, the day when Google released it’s first algorithm related to mobile search to mandate businesses to have mobile friendly website, it created panic among the webmasters, specially the ones who never took mobile search seriously. The change that took place on that date was so significant that people started calling it ‘Mobilegeddon’

We have to admit that Google is the king of search industry and we have to obey it’s rules. The way world access internet is changing significantly and mobile is taking over desktops in all possible ways. What really scares Google that it loses a search audience every time an online business develops mobile app to engage more personally with their customers.

What the heck is ‘Mobile-First Index’?

Mobilegeddon was the first step towards bringing users back to mobile search and now Google has blown a major strike to infuse fear in the mind of the online business owners. As mobile revolution continues to bring more users to mobile and as desktop users continues to decrease year after year, Google has introduced ‘mobile-first index’ , a search engine indexing update.

If you have a mobile version of your website, the new indexing update will check whether it has all the content and links similar enough to your desktop version. It may not affect your ranking for desktop search even if mobile bots visits your site, but if your mobile site is short on content and links compared to it’s desktop version then you may experience the fall of visitors from mobile search.

My mobile version of site has less content, should I be scared?    

Well it’s a brutal truth but we have to be honest. Yes, you should be nervous about as Google is all set to improve the quality of it’s mobile SERPs. Though it’s always advisable to have a responsive website as content remain same page-by-page, but you have other methods as well. But you need to be careful while implementation of other methods as there will always more room for errors in other than responsive designing methods.

Google is getting aggressive with it’s algorithms with every passing year and webmasters should be more than ready to tackle the changes. As of now, we all should understand that Google is playing it’s evil game to avoid online businesses from going all app. 

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