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Intelligent Software Products

Custom software enables an enterprise to excel towards growth leaving behind all the operational and tachnical issues. At Rebelute we provide software services which are basd on latest industry standards.

Product Incubation Centers

Our smart and highely capable product development stations are meant for making sure that you are adapting right technology for your product.

Rapid Prototyping

We use a rapid development method to provide our clients a small and lean prototype and check whether its meeting their business requirements. This is a great approach to kickstart new strategic initiatives as it allows the stakeholders, users and customers to give their inputs for re-aligning the development roadmap.

SaaS product architecture.

Rebelute provide targeted Software as a Service approach to develop client centric product right from microservices, to Role based web applications and mobile end-points. You can use our highely capable cloud servers and application hooks just like a plug and play appraoch to access your data anytime anywhere.

We are flexible and takes the best software development appraoches as per client's business requirements. We even innovate new hybrid methodologies that works for our clients by mixing both the conventional waterfall model and the new age agile model.

agile software development company

Agile Software Development

As an agressive service providers we always try to use latest development models and get the maximum from it fo rour client's requiremetns. We migrated to Agile approach and is innovating the same using our Onshore-Offshore approach.Our approach includes the steps:
- Business problem definition/Stakeholder viewpoint
- Onsite-offshore knowledge transition and requirements gathering
- Define project execution strategies
- Review deliverables and identify areas of improvement
- Top-level architecture, technical approach, and system design
- Coding, unit test planning, and unit testing
- System integration and testing
- Implementation, delivery, and cut-over

Waterfall Model in software development

Waterfall Model

Using waterfall model we make sure to add some new methods to make it different and effecient from the conventional waterfall model. This model is highely useful where the clients is non technical and where the changes totally depends upon the results of one step at a time. Steps we follow are:
- Requirement gathering and Analysis
- Rapid prototype is required
- Design and Development
- Beta deployment and execution for a specific audience
- Deployment & Maintainence


We use a completely mordernized and systematic software development life cycle including 5 major milestones. Each milestone consists a number of predefined steps to ensure ontime delieveries and product durability. With out approach we simply reduced the time of product development upto 30%.

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